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Jungian therapy, or analytical therapy, is based on the work of Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist Car Jung. The Jungian treatment focuses on the unconscious elements of your psyche. At the end of the session, you will develop a more balanced relationship with your conscious awareness and understand the deeper meaning of your suffering. Jungian reading will help provide relief from your psychological suffering.

I am a certified, trained and experienced Jungian Analyst in Kalamazoo, MI, who can help you overcome a wide range of psychological issues quickly and effectively. I do not believe in a “one shoe fits all” approach. At your first appointment, I will listen to your problems in a non-judgmental and professional manner and assess your psychological health before coming up with a customized program that suits you and your family.

I will explain the entire process and answer all your questions before starting the actual treatment process. My office staff can help you with appointment and billing needs. Each one of us at Don L. Troyer, MD is committed to your care and will work hard to provide a compassionate and supportive environment in the clinic.

I have been serving as a Jungian analyst in Kalamazoo, MI, area for over 20 years. My success can be solely attributed to the positive feedback I receive from my clients. Many of them recover and go on to recommend my services to their friends and family members. I value their referrals and have always striven to earn them. I will work enthusiastically for your well-being and satisfaction as well.

The impact of your psychological problems goes beyond your own health and well-being. It affects every member of your family as well. As a Jungian analyst, I can help. Talk to me now for a better tomorrow.

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