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Jungian therapy is not a new concept. It was developed by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist, in the early part of the twentieth century. The analytic psychotherapy technique has withstood the test of time and helped thousands of patients in the last century. In fact, many modern psychologists practice this technique to help their patients overcome conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and sexual abuse.

If you are looking for Jungian therapy in Kalamazoo, MI, you can contact Don L. Troyer, MD, for an appointment. I have been serving the region for over 20 years and provide help with everything from dream interpretation to grief counseling. My therapy sessions will provide you a new direction and you will be able to approach life with energy and enthusiasm. Your attitude will reflect in almost all aspects of your life and help you succeed like never before.

When you contact me for Jungian therapy in Kalamazoo, MI, I will review your past medical and psychological history. I will also conduct an in-depth interview before analyzing your psychological health. I will then create a specific treatment plan that will help the unconscious elements of your psyche develop a more balanced relationship with your conscious awareness to understand the deeper meaning of your suffering. You will also learn techniques that will help overcome the problem.

Apart from providing quality therapy, I am also committed to providing compassionate care. Every member of staff at my office will strive to help you achieve your therapy goals. I have helped thousands of men and women in the past. You could be the next one.

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